Mold and how it Function, The Significance,The Warning, The Effects.


  • Mold spores are microorganisms that eventually turn into spores. How exactly do these spores turn into full-fledged mold? In order for an organism to establish itself, it has to land onto something that it can grow and thrive on. These organisms get nutrients by absorbing them through their systems using microscopic threads. These threads suck material out of dead organic material such as wood and paper. Add moisture to these wood and paper products, and you have the beginnings of mold.


  • Mold is only visible to the eye when a mold colony is present. Mold colonies are detailed networks of hyphae. These are called myceliums. Organelles (basically, little organs) and nutrients can be transmitted through myceliums. Mold colonies do not consist of discrete organisms.


  • In many “fake” environments that are not outdoors, namely buildings, the environment (both the temperature and the humidity) is stable enough for mold to grow and thrive. In an indoors environment, mold colonies will mostly be noticeable as fuzzy growths over food or other kinds of surfaces.


  • Though the belief is that mold is more prevalent in warm and hot areas, some types of molds are capable of growing in temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius. If the temperature conditions are not stable enough to encourage growth in the mold, the mold might remain dormant and inactive. There are even molds that have survived in areas as cold as the North Pole!
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